What is The Daily Activist?

The Daily Activist is an international collaboration of writers, journalists & contributors, seeking to promote positive change and awareness of social, civil, and human rights issues.  It’s our primary goal to spotlight topics and subject matter that affect both our local and global communities.

In an effort to maintain perspective on core issues, we as writers seek to strip them of their political and religious bias by directing consideration toward their underlying human aspects.  Though our writers and affiliates come from a multitude of ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds, we share the most fundamental beliefs in human and civil rights, peace, justice, and equality.

How do we achieve our goals?

While researching the potential viability of TDA, one of the major issues we discovered was the gap between Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) that work directly on the ground and the palatability of their information to the mainstream reader.  While there are many great resources available within the NGO community, this type of information can be hard to digest, relate to, or simply “do anything about.? As a hybrid media outlet, not only are we reporting on these issues in a way that sparks considerable mainstream interest, but we also want to offer our readers a simple, easy and effective way to get actively involved in the storylines themselves.  We encourage our readers to take action through either our email rallies or by contributing to organizations that are already making a positive impact.

Email Rally: Many of our news articles contain an added feature that allows the reader to interact with the storyline.  When clicking on the “Take Action | Email Rally? tab (located in the header of designated news articles), a content form appears, allowing the reader to send a pre-written email in respectful protest or support of a corresponding call to action.  The recipients of the “action? are those directly responsible for, and those who hold influence over the topic at hand.  Recipients may include Lawmakers, Politicians, Government, or Corporate decision makers.

Donate: In many cases, the reader will find articles and topics where an Email Rally may not be possible or relevant to the particular subject.  We may however highlight an organization or charitable cause that is directly involved in the corresponding storyline.  In these particular articles, we offer our readers the ability to make direct donations to support the appropriate organization(s) via Paypal/Amazon; Private Donations Portals or “Text to Donate? campaigns.  At no point in time is TDA involved in the transaction, nor do we receive any fees, commissions, or other monetary gain from the donations to these organizations.

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