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Social Issues – With the cost of health care reaching exorbitant levels these days, one cancer patient is turning to art to help his family pay his medical bills.

That little boy, three-year-old Liam Myrick, has taken to painting as a form of mental and physical therapy. And in order to combat their medical expenses-totaling more than half a million dollars-his parents are auctioning off his works via a Facebook page.

The toddler was diagnosed with stage four Neuroblastoma, a malignant tumor that forms in nerve tissue. In Liam’s case, the tumor was on his kidney and so far, he’s already had chemotherapy and a bone marrow stem cell transplant during his time at the Missouri Children’s Hospital.

In addition to Liam’s treatment, the Myrick family is also still paying medical bills from their six-year-old daughter Natalie’s bout with the cancer, which is currently in remission.

To bid for Liam’s artwork or buy supportive “Team Liam Miracle Boy 4 A Cure” elastic bracelets, visit the Official Team Liam Facebook page.

Read more at WILX and Huffington Post.


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