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Environment – Dr. Seuss stories have the warmed the hearts of children and adults alike for years. The Lorax, a popular favorite, will be hitting the silver screen soon and this time it’s about going green and not just with ticket sales.

The Lorax, is about a creature that speaks for trees and fights against the industrialization in their area. Universal Pictures, who will be releasing the film, has partnered with over 70 companies to teach others about the environmental lesson the book provides.

Instead of focusing on toys, the companies plan to focus on things like planting trees and conserving energy. For example the EPA is using the Lorax to promote low-power appliances carrying the Energy Star label. The Hortus Botanicus botanical garden in Amsterdam is creating a Lorax-inspired route through its garden that houses some endangered trees. And Seventh Generation, a brand of green cleaning products, is planning to put “Lorax Approved” labels on millions of items.

“It’s important to connect these dots between energy savings and efficiency and a cleaner environment,” EPA administrator Lisa Jackson told The Associated Press in a statement.

IHOP also has plans to bring back its green eggs and ham promotion as it did for Horton Hears a Who! along with handing out seeds for planting.

In addition to these environmentally friendly marketing drives, the National Education Association’s Read Across America Is encouraging teachers to read the book to children on the film’s opening date, March 2nd.

If that date doesn’t ring a bell, it just so happens to be Dr. Seuss’ 108th birthday.

To read more about how you can get involved visit The Associated Press.


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