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Civil Rights – Even though the anti-gay propaganda law is still pending, Russian lawmakers are striving to “spread” the law as they’re renewing their call to ban anything publicly gay. St. Petersburg’s terminology of “homosexual propaganda” is just another explicit example of their intolerance.

The ban is essentially this: LGBT gatherings are forbidden in public areas. Because it’s clearly propaganda. Don’t worry, it’s to protect the impressionable minds of children.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak drew some atrocious parallels between homosexuality and pedophilia. To add insult to injury, he called [homosexuality] “disgusting activity” before explaining that, “We should think about this topic on a federal level.”

Regional governor Georgy Poltavchenko reaffirmed Kozak, stressing how the ban would “serve for the good of public morals” and that “There is nothing more abominable than propaganda regarding such things.”

With much conviction, prominent gay activist Nikolai Alexeyev tweeted, “Now Kozak and Poltavchenko have backed the bill on propaganda of homosexuality, even at a federal level. It really looks as if they’re going to pass it.”

Nazi-esque homophobia runs strong in the Arkhangelsk and Ryazan regions of Russia as they have already adopted very similar anti-propaganda laws.

LGBT groups call for the help of the United Nations Human Rights Committee and the European Court of Human Rights to nix the bill. And to the dismay of these figures like Kozak and Poltavchenko, the State Department has criticized the proposal.

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