Opinion – Russia’s recent plan for a 100-ton nuclear missile nicknamed (of all things) “Satan” may be just a big pile of hot steamy borscht. While reports of these types of “superweapons” conjure images of the Cold War, they notoriously come more as a result of political posturing than actual reality. Previous examples of failed world-annihilating weapons include Saddam Hussein’s “Project Babylon,” a supergun that would be able to launch projectiles into space.

    The Nazis attempted a “sun gun,” a satellite that would collect and focus light into a beam that could blow up a city (how very Hellboy meets Gears of War). These have largely amounted to fear campaigns, hoping to terrify and weaken national enemies while rallying national pride. But not all superweapons have failed to see the light of day.

    America did achieve the otherwise unthinkable and created a true superweapon, the atomic bomb, which was quickly stolen by our friends on the other side of the cold war. The largest atomic bomb was created by Russia and tested in 1961. The 50-megaton nuclear superbomb’s explosion was visible 600 miles away. So maybe it is a possibility that we’ll see “Satan” reigning down on (hopefully just) Russian countryside. Maybe not, though.

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