Occupy Wall Street is showing no signs of simmering down as the movement is creating some crafty new approaches to capture the attention of the multi-billion dollar financial institutions. OccupytheBoardroom.org, a new site developed by the protestors, enables the OWS movement to send messages directly to figures like chief executive of Goldman Sachs and CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon.

    Even with the 7000 emails that have been sent to the top dogs, the movement is taking it a step further as they plan to print their messages out and deliver them to the executives the old-fashioned way. The authors include people who have been most affected by the recession—students (in debt from student loans), foreclosure victims and the uninsured who were unable to pay off hospital bills.

    Among these people is a Marine Corp veteran who served in the Middle East, he writes to Bank of America executive, Joe L Price, “You may think that this is ok but it is not ok… as a patriot of the original founding fathers beliefs, you are unpatriotic and I was willing to lay my life down for people such as yourself. Tell me, what sacrifice are you willing to make for me?” The veteran had earlier explained that his debt was due to his son’s hospital stay—an overwhelming bill that he could not pay off.

    Thousands of different protestors with horrifyingly similar stories are using the site to convey their own personal tribulations to the institutions, they feel, are responsible. The website is a collaborative effort of OWS and New York Communities for Change (NYCC). Oliver Leirer of NYCC comments on the site, “The letters touched on four key issues: foreclosure, unemployment, anger at rising fees and corruption and collusion between Wall Street executives and our elected officials.” With the Occupy movement utilizing technologies like OccupytheBoardroom.org, the protestors are stopping at nothing to have their voices heard.

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