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    Animal Rights – A two day techno rave held near Connyland Marine Park in Lipperswil, Switzerland is being blamed for the death of Shadow, an eight-year-old dolphin. Normally all you hear about a European rave is drug overdoses, hospital runs, arrests, and the occasional human death, but this time… a dolphin?

    Animal activists turned up to protest the event stating that the constant and loud “umph-umph-umph” of the music would upset the dolphin. One activist stated that “[t]he sound levels dolphins heard were comparable to a pneumatic drill.”

    After the event, Shadow looked disoriented and appeared to be very distressed. She was later found dead.
    Connyland bosses “denied any wrong doing.”

    Might this be the first rave-related dolphin casualty in the history of “thumpa-thumpa”?

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    Animal Rights

    Animal Rights – A Washington, D.C.-based animal protection group, Compassion Over Killing (COK), filed an animal cruelty complaint against California based Cal-Cruz Hatcheries Inc., after obtaining incredibly disturbing video footage of their processing factory.

    An undercover investigator from COK shot footage of the “alleged” abuse which shows “hatchlings with ripped skin and exposed organs being thrown into bins, trapped under machinery and drowned.” According to the lawsuit, the graphic video “documents numerous routine abuses–including acts amounting to felony animal cruelty–that are in violation of the California law.”

    The abuse was originally brought to the attention of the local district attorney in 2009, however, according to Cheryl Leahy, COK’s general counsel, despite the video and other legal statements, the DA said they wouldn’t be filing charges at that time.

    “The systematic torture and reckless neglect of baby birds at Cal-Cruz is not only shocking–it is also illegal under the California Business and Professions Code,” said Carter Dillard, litigation director for the Animal League Defense Fund (ADLF).

    Brian Collins, president of Cal-Cruz Hatcheries, confirmed that the video was indeed taken inside the factory and said he was planning on making a “change” in the policy regarding rejected chicks.

    “I think the employees get desensitized to the actual handling of the bird, and for them, it’s a job. […] Right now, the guideline is every 30 minutes you empty those boxes, I might make it 15 and be more diligent about it.” How kind of him…

    Cal-Cruz “hatches and ships millions of chicks each year to growers who raise the birds until they are slaughtered.” According to a representative from the death factory, the majority of the chicks are sent to “Bauer Family Farms and Carlson Family Farms,” where they eventually end up in the meat department of Northern California Grocery Stores.

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    Animal Rights

    Animal Rights – PETA investigators have discovered a laundry list of horrific abuses that occur daily at Adirondack Farms, a dairy factory farm that takes 180,000 pounds of milk from a mere 1,800 cows every day in Clinton County, New York. The disturbing video footage shows workers carelessly beating, burning, and dragging cows as they are led into the stalls to be milked.

    On a related note, if you live in the New England area, enjoy dairy, and believe ignorance is bliss STOP READING THIS RIGHT NOW!

    Adirondack Farms takes the milk yielded from the abused cows to Massachusetts-based Agri-Mark, Inc., the alleged “largest supplier of fresh farm milk in New England” and distributor of the popular Cabot and McCadam cheeses. And while the milk may be “fresh” it is far from cruelty free as PETA investigators discovered that workers routinely smacked cows with a pole and a cane as they were led into the room to be milked.

    When the abuses were brought to the attention of a farm manager, he simply conceded that the workers “get carried away with” striking cows.

    Unfortunately for the manager, he was also caught “getting carried away” when he repeatedly electro-shocked a cow in the face on video. He then proceeded to jab a fully conscious downed cow in the ribs with a screwdriver, called it a “dumb bitch,” and then proceeded to drag the cow approximately 25 feet with a small vehicle.

    The abuse doesn’t stop there, and neither does the animal suffering. Calves are routinely subjected to “de-budding” as workers burn off their horn-buds without use of an anesthetic. One worker was caught on video as he watched a calf “thrash around in agony [with] smoke rising from her seared flesh,” after he burned off her buds.

    Other workers were seen using “‘guillotine cutters’ to ‘lop off’ the horns of older animals — again without anesthetics or pain relief.”

    Kids, the moral of this story is if you don’t want to be complicit in what is tantamount to a cow gulag, then don’t support Adirondack Farms, Agri-Mark, or Cabot and McCadam cheeses.

    Send an email to Agri-Mark CEO Dr. Richard Stammer here.

    WARNING: The below videos contain countless acts of abuse and cruelty. There are disturbing images that may make your eyes leak, make you sick, or make you have an urgent desire to throw away all the dairy products in your fridge. You have been warned.

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    Animal Rights

    Animal Rights – The Puerto Rico Supreme Court has upheld the decision not to allow Bioculture, Ltd. to build a primate breeding facility in Guayama, Puerto Rico.

    Bioculture’s initial plan involved building a facility that would house 4,000 poop-slinging primates captured from the wild whose offspring would be sold to research labs in the United States.

    The Animal Legal Defense Fund, along with locals and PETA, drew public attention to the proposed project and brought a lawsuit forth to halt construction. In early 2010 the project was shutdown thanks to the court’s ruling, but Bioculture continued the construction as they appealed their case.

    After years of public scrutiny and legal battles the Supreme Court upheld the trial court’s decision and denied Bioculture’s request for a rehearing.

    Segundo Meléndez, attorney for the Committee Against Wild Monkey Project in Guayama told PrimeraHora.com “This is a case that demonstrates that the rights of the residents of Pueblito de Carmen were clear. The only people who did not understand the laws and regulations of the agencies were Bioculture lawyers and government officials who dealt in illegal permits”

    To read more visit the ALDF.


    Animal Rights

    Leonardo DiCaprio will serve as the global ambassador for the International Fund For Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) Animal Action campaign to shut down the international ivory trade and save the elephants.

    IFAW, founded in 1969, has projects in more than 40 countries and helps to save animals in crisis around the world. “IFAW rescues individual animals, works to prevent cruelty to animals, and advocates for the protection of wildlife and habitats.”

    The Animal Action campaign highlights a different animal and conservation each year and this year’s theme is “‘Elephants, Never Forget,’ and focuses on the crisis that elephants face 20 years after the international ivory trade ban was put in place.”

    “The ivory trade fuels conflict and strife,” said DiCaprio. “Elephants are killed by poachers so their tusks can be traded for weapons and drugs by international criminal organizations before becoming trinkets and jewelry for consumers. Authorities in 85 countries have seized almost 400 tons of ivory on the black market since the 1989 ivory trade ban.”

    Due to the lackadaisical enforcement of the ban several species are facing the prospect of extinction in several African countries, and “the number of elephants in the wild has declined by a staggering 50 percent” over the course of the last century due to poaching by international syndicates.

    “Many people around the world still have no idea that elephants are killed for their ivory tusks, and that’s why public education is so important,” DiCaprio added. “There were 1.3 million elephants in 1979; rampant poaching and other factors have reduced that by more than half, to an estimated 500,000.”

    “We are honored to have Leonardo’s support for our Animal Action campaign to stem the ivory trade,” said IFAW President and CEO Fred O’Regan. “With his help, we hope to create a groundswell for elephant protection that can’t be ignored.”

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