Must Watch Blockchain Videos for Beginners

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Blockchain is being considered the biggest invention after the Internet by many technology geniuses and its beginning is just the same as the Internet. It is not very user-friendly and most of the users are not aware of its implications. But I personally believe that this technology can be the biggest revolution and will transform many things in the coming time.

However, the myths and assumptions revolving around this technology are not letting it be used at its full potential.

Below I have listed down seven of such videos so that you can understand the technology a little deeper along with its implication in the present times.

  1. What is Blockchain?

In short, Blockchain has distributed ledger that records bitcoin and other crypto transactions across a wide network of computers that helps maintain anonymity. This video is made by the World Economic Forum that describes its inventions and how it can be used in several other areas, apart from those for which it was first developed. And that’s not it, it also describes of the losers and winners in this technology.

  1. Blockchain – A short introduction

To understand how Blockchain was established from Bitcoins, this video will give you immense knowledge on it. It shows how cheap the transactions can be if it is made through a Bitcoin rather than the involvement of money. Further to this, it also informs the viewers that how they can create a unique ID for themselves using this technology that will help in the prevention of frauds.

  1. What is Blockchain? | CNBC Explains

CNBC shows a completely different side of Blockchain by highlighting the fact that this technology has been used for illegal purposes such as to dealings in drugs and guns, but it also shows how it can be used for positive cases. It also states that UNICEF believes that this will bring more good to the society than thinking it as a threat for future.

  1. Blockchain, How it works

Many of us are still unaware of how the technology actually works. This video will give information on the importance of ledgers, even though they are a little costly. Along with this, it provides information on the cases where this technology can be used, apart from finance.

  1. Understand the Blockchain in Two Minute

If you are looking for a short video to understand how Bitcoins brought in blockchain technology and the potential it has in the digital market, then this video is a must for you. It tells how Bitcoin is a game changer and explains the features of the blockchain.

  1. New Kids on the Blockchain

This video is by Lorne Lantz. He is a Bitcoin educator and he explains why the technology is important. He also tells how Blockchain can also be used for real-time activities, especially in cases of problem-solving.

Further, it also explains how blockchain can be used to save money by the banks for both internal and external shareholders. For instance, it also explains how a blockchain can prove the authenticity of the shoes that you are wearing. Sounds cool right?

  1. Blockchain Demystified

The video links Blockchain to the Internet by going back to the time when the Internet was invented. It also connects to the 2008 financial crisis that explains why the blockchain was originated in the first place. This will help you to understand why blockchain is important and why it was invented in the first place.


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