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Animal Rights – A two day techno rave held near Connyland Marine Park in Lipperswil, Switzerland is being blamed for the death of Shadow, an eight-year-old dolphin. Normally all you hear about a European rave is drug overdoses, hospital runs, arrests, and the occasional human death, but this time… a dolphin?

Animal activists turned up to protest the event stating that the constant and loud “umph-umph-umph” of the music would upset the dolphin. One activist stated that “[t]he sound levels dolphins heard were comparable to a pneumatic drill.”

After the event, Shadow looked disoriented and appeared to be very distressed. She was later found dead.
Connyland bosses “denied any wrong doing.”

Might this be the first rave-related dolphin casualty in the history of “thumpa-thumpa”?

Read more at Sun.


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