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Animal Rights – The Puerto Rico Supreme Court has upheld the decision not to allow Bioculture, Ltd. to build a primate breeding facility in Guayama, Puerto Rico.

Bioculture’s initial plan involved building a facility that would house 4,000 poop-slinging primates captured from the wild whose offspring would be sold to research labs in the United States.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund, along with locals and PETA, drew public attention to the proposed project and brought a lawsuit forth to halt construction. In early 2010 the project was shutdown thanks to the court’s ruling, but Bioculture continued the construction as they appealed their case.

After years of public scrutiny and legal battles the Supreme Court upheld the trial court’s decision and denied Bioculture’s request for a rehearing.

Segundo Meléndez, attorney for the Committee Against Wild Monkey Project in Guayama told “This is a case that demonstrates that the rights of the residents of Pueblito de Carmen were clear. The only people who did not understand the laws and regulations of the agencies were Bioculture lawyers and government officials who dealt in illegal permits”

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